Covering War in Europe:
Russia Invades Ukraine

Images were taken over 10 days in March 2022 along the Ukraine/Poland border in the cities and villages of Chelm, Berdyszcze, Hrebenne, and Przemyśl.

Mothers, children, infants, and elderly flee for their lives with only a suitcase full of their possessions. It’s hard to compare prior conflicts with what is currently happening in Ukraine. With over two million refugees in fifteen days, it will be the single largest refugee crisis since the second world war.

Beyond the frigid temperatures, leaving behind family members, and the long six-day journey west, innocent children are already paying the most for this war.

Witnessing the shell-shocked eyes of the young children crossing the border into Poland is something you can only begin to describe. You’ve seen this look before, but only in the historic image of another photographer. The photographs presented here are only a small glimpse into a much larger story that can't be covered by a single photographer. Collectively the images from this conflict will create a catalog of the events that took place and hopefully they will be used in time to hold those accountable for this war and for the crimes they have committed.

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